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Hi ya, my name is Alexia and I live in the middle of California. I love a lot of plants but my favorite one is the ZZ plant and I even have 3 of them at my home and I have been watching them grow for over 5 years now!

I love ZZ plants so much that I decided to start a blog about them. On my blog i.e I share everything I know about taking care of ZZ plants, from how to water them to how to propagate them and lots more.

I’m not just a plant enthusiast, I’m also a mother of two and have a daily job. Despite my busy schedule, I make sure to take the time to take care of my lovely ZZ plants and write on my blog.

Through my blog, I’m able to share my passion for ZZ plants with the world and inspire others to start their own collection of these beautiful plants. And even though I have a busy life, I always made time for my beloved ZZ plants.

One of the ZZ plant at my home
One of the ZZ plant at my home
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