How Much Light Does A ZZ Plant Need?  Light Needs Demystified

Are you a new ZZ plant parent? Congrats! You’ve made a great choice, as these plants are known for being low maintenance and easy to care for. But, one question that often comes up is “How much light does a ZZ plant need?” 

Well then,  in this article, we’ll be breaking down all the info you need to know to keep your ZZ plant thriving.

Light Needs 101

First things first, let’s talk about what light is. Light is a form of energy that travels in waves and is perceived by our eyes as the sensation of sight. 

Plants, on the other hand, use light energy to create food through a process called photosynthesis. In order for photosynthesis to occur, plants need a certain amount of light.

Different Types of Light

When it comes to light, there are a few different types you should know about. The most common types of light are natural light, incandescent light, fluorescent light, and LED light.

  • Natural light is the light that comes from the sun. It’s the best type of light for plants, as it provides the full spectrum of light that plants need.
  • Incandescent light is the type of light that comes from traditional light bulbs. It’s not the best option for plants as it produces mostly heat and not much light.
  • Fluorescent light is the type of light that comes from tube-shaped light bulbs. It’s a better option for plants than incandescent light, but it’s not as good as natural light.
  • LED light is the newest type of light on the market. It’s energy efficient and produces a lot of light, making it a great option for plants.

ZZ Plant Light Needs

Now that we’ve covered the basics of light, let’s talk about the light needs of the ZZ plant. 

The ZZ plant is considered a low light plant, which means it doesn’t need a lot of light to thrive. In fact, too much light can actually harm your ZZ plant.

When it comes to natural light, the ZZ plant can tolerate low to medium light, but it’s best to avoid direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves of the ZZ plant, causing them to turn brown.

If you’re keeping your ZZ plant indoors, it’s best to place it in a room with a window that gets indirect light. If you don’t have a room with a window, you can use a fluorescent or LED light to provide the plant with the light it needs.

A few Scenarios to Understand ZZ Plant Light Needs

Let’s say you have a ZZ plant and you want to place it in your living room. The living room has a large window that gets plenty of natural light throughout the day, but the sun doesn’t directly shine on the plant. This would be considered a low to medium light environment, which is perfect for the ZZ plant.

On the other hand, let’s say you want to place your ZZ plant on a windowsill that gets direct sunlight for several hours a day. This would be considered too much light for the ZZ plant, and the leaves could potentially turn brown and become damaged. 

In this case, it would be best to find a different location for the plant that gets indirect or low to medium light.

Another example is if you live in an apartment where the only window you have is facing north, the ZZ plant would not get enough light from that window, in this case, you can use a fluorescent or LED light to provide the plant with the light it needs.

Light Levels and Their Effects on ZZ Plants

Light LevelEffect on ZZ Plant
Low LightZZ plant will grow slowly, but will still be healthy.
Medium LightZZ plant will grow at a moderate rate and be healthy.
Bright LightZZ plant may experience leaf burn, yellowing, and overall stress.

As you can see from the table, ZZ plants prefer low to medium light and do not require bright light to thrive. In fact, bright light can actually be harmful to the plant.

Below table shows the Light Needs for the ZZ Plant

Type of LightRecommended Amount
Natural LightLow to Medium
Incandescent LightNot recommended
Fluorescent LightLow to Medium
LED LightLow to Medium

Light levels can vary depending on the time of day and the season, so it’s a good idea to check on your ZZ plant regularly and adjust its location as necessary. 

And remember, it’s always better to err on the side of too little light rather than too much light for the ZZ plant.

Wrapping Up!!

At the end I want you to know that the ZZ plant is a low light plant that doesn’t need a lot of light to thrive. 

Avoid direct sunlight and place your plant in a room with indirect natural light or provide it with low to medium light using a fluorescent or LED light. 

And remember, as always, if you’re ever unsure about your ZZ plant’s light needs, just give it the “side-eye” and if it looks happy, it probably is. 

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