How Often to Water ZZ Plant? A Complete Guide!

Watering your ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is an important part of keeping it healthy and happy. But figuring out how often to water your ZZ plant can be a bit tricky. 

In this article, I will go over everything you need to know about watering your ZZ plant, including how often to do it, how much water to use, and some helpful tips for keeping your plant hydrated.

Understanding Your ZZ Plant’s Water Needs

Alright, listen up. So, you’ve got yourself a ZZ plant and you want to water it, right? Well, here’s the thing you need to know first. These plants are from Africa, where it’s dry and arid. ZZ plants have gotten used to going without water. 

In fact, they’re pretty good at surviving without it. So, if you’re thinking about watering your ZZ plant, just keep in mind that they can go a while without it. 

They can handle a drought. Just don’t forget about them completely, you know what I’m saying? Don’t let them die of thirst. But at the same time, don’t go crazy watering them either.  

Just because your ZZ plant can go a while without water doesn’t mean you should never give it any. These plants are from Africa, where it’s dry and arid, but they still need a regular supply of water to do well. 

The trick is to find a balance. Don’t let your plant dry out completely, but at the same time, don’t drown it either. Too much water can be just as bad as too little.

How Often to Water Your ZZ Plant

Okay, let’s talk about watering your ZZ plant. How often should you do it? Well, it depends on a few things. 

The size of your plant, the pot it’s in, the type of soil you’re using, the temperature and humidity of your home, they all play a role. 

But here’s a general rule to follow: during the growing season, water your ZZ plant once a week. That’s spring and summer. And during the dormant season, every other week. That’s fall and winter. 

But listen, this is just a guideline. You’ve got to pay attention to your plant and see how it’s doing. If it looks like it needs more water, give it some. If it looks like it’s getting too much, back off a bit. 

Here Are Some Things To Consider When Figuring Out How Often To Water Your Zz Plant:

Size Of The Plant

Larger plants will need more water than smaller plants, so you may need to water your ZZ plant more frequently if it’s a larger specimen.

Pot Size

The size of the pot your ZZ plant is in can also affect how often you need to water it. A larger pot will hold more soil and water, which means it will take longer for the soil to dry out. 

A smaller pot will dry out faster, so you may need to water your ZZ plant more frequently if it’s in a small pot.

Soil Type

Different types of soil will hold moisture differently. For example, soil with a high clay content will retain moisture longer than soil with a higher sand content. If you’re using a soil with a high clay content, you may need to water your ZZ plant less frequently.

Temperature And Humidity

ZZ plants prefer warmer temperatures and low humidity, so if your home is particularly dry or hot, you may need to water your ZZ plant more frequently to keep it hydrated.

How to Water Your ZZ Plant

Now that you know how often to water your ZZ plant, let’s talk about how to do it. Here are some tips for watering your ZZ plant properly:

Water The Soil, Not The Leaves

It’s important to water the soil, not the leaves of your ZZ plant. Watering the leaves can lead to fungal infections and other problems.

Use Room-Temperature Water

ZZ plants prefer room-temperature water, so be sure to use water that is not too hot or too cold.

Water Thoroughly

When you do water your ZZ plant, be sure to water it thoroughly. This means soaking the soil until it is evenly moist.

Let The Soil Dry Out Between Waterings

After watering your ZZ plant, it’s important to let the soil dry out somewhat before watering it again. This will help prevent overwatering and ensure that the plant is getting the right amount of moisture. 

To check if the soil is dry, stick your finger about an inch or two into the soil. If it feels dry at that depth, it’s time to water your plant.

Use A Well-Draining Soil

It’s important to use a well-draining soil when growing a ZZ plant. Soils that drain poorly can lead to overwatering, which can be harmful to your plant. 

A well-draining soil will help excess water drain away from the roots of your plant, preventing root rot and other problems.

Consider Using A Moisture Meter

If you’re not sure whether your ZZ plant needs watering, consider using a moisture meter. These handy tools can help you determine the moisture content of your soil, so you’ll know when it’s time to water your plant.

Here is a good video explanation of why one shouldn’t overwater a ZZ plant:

Additional Tips for Watering Your ZZ Plant

Alright, a few more things to keep in mind when watering your ZZ plant. 

Water Your ZZ Plant In The Morning

First off, try to water it in the morning. This gives the plant time to absorb the water before the sun goes down. Watering it in the evening can cause problems, like fungal infections, because the leaves will stay wet overnight

Avoid Letting Your ZZ Plant Sit In Standing Water

Make sure your plant isn’t sitting in standing water. That can definetly lead to root rot and other issues. If you’re using a pot with a drainage hole, be sure to empty out any excess water from the tray after watering. 

Avoid Misting Your ZZ Plant

Don’t mist your ZZ plant. Some plants like it, but ZZ plants don’t. It can cause problems like fungal infections, so just stick to watering it the regular way.

Closing Things Up!

Alright, to wrap things up, watering your ZZ plant is a key part of keeping it healthy.

By understanding your plant’s water needs and following the tips above, you can ensure that your ZZ plant is getting the hydration it needs to thrive. 

Just be sure to pay attention to your plant, and adjust the watering schedule as needed based on factors like the size of your plant, the pot it’s in and a few other aspects that we have mentioned in this article.


How Often Should I Water My ZZ Plant?

It is generally recommended to water a ZZ plant once every one to two weeks but also it depends as we have discussed that in this article. 

Can I Overwater My ZZ Plant?

It’s important to avoid overwatering your ZZ plant because that can cause the leaves to turn yellow and drop off!

Can I Use A Watering Can Or Should I Use A Hose To Water My ZZ Plant?

Either a watering can or a hose can be used while watering a ZZ plant. The important thing is to make sure the entire root ball is evenly soaked. If you are using a hose, be sure to use a gentle flow of water and avoid getting the leaves wet.

Is It Better To Underwater Or Overwater A Zz Plant?

It is generally better to underwater a ZZ plant than to overwater it. Overwatering can lead to root rot, which can be difficult to recover from and may ultimately kill the plant.

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