Is ZZ Plant Toxic To Other Plants? ZZ Plant vs Other Plants

Have you ever come across a plant that is so attractive that you can’t resist getting one for yourself? But, as soon as you bring it home, you realize that it’s not just any ordinary plant, it’s a total diva! 

That’s right, I’m talking about the ZZ plant. This plant is not only a showstopper, but it also has a reputation for being toxic to other plants.

The ZZ Plant’s Bad Reputation

The ZZ plant has a bad reputation for being toxic to other plants because it releases a chemical called allelopathic substance that can affect the growth of other plants. 

Allelopathic substances are produced by some plants to prevent other plants from growing near them, thus giving them an advantage in terms of light, water, and nutrients.

Is the ZZ Plant Really Toxic to Other Plants?

Yes, the ZZ plant can be toxic to other plants, but not to the extent that it will kill them. 

The allelopathic substance released by the ZZ plant can slow down the growth of other plants, but it’s not a death sentence for them. It’s just a way for the ZZ plant to maintain its position as the queen of the plant world.

Not just for other plants, ZZ plants can be toxic to your pets such as cats and dogs as well!

How to Protect Other Plants from the ZZ Plant

If you have other plants near the ZZ plant, you can protect them by creating a barrier between them. 

This can be done by using a container, a piece of cloth, or even a plastic sheet. This will prevent the allelopathic substance from affecting the growth of other plants.

ZZ Plant vs Other Plants

ZZ PlantOther Plants
Allelopathic Substance ReleaseNo Allelopathic Substance Release
Slows Down Growth of Other PlantsNo Effect on Growth of Other Plants


  • If you have a succulent near the ZZ plant, it might not grow as fast as it would if it were far from the ZZ plant.
  • If you have a fern near the ZZ plant, the fern might grow slower than usual, but it won’t die.

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Wrap Up!

So, if you have other plants near the ZZ plant, just give them a little extra protection and they’ll be just fine. And, if you want to bring home a ZZ plant, just be prepared to give it the attention it deserves!

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