Do ZZ Plants Multiply? Gift That Keeps On Giving

You might have heard of the ZZ plant as the “ZZZZZZZ” plant because it’s kind of hard to say. But another reason it’s called that is because this plant can seriously help you catch some Zs (that’s slang for sleep, FYI). 

That’s because it’s one tough cookie that can handle even the blackest of thumbs (like, seriously, how do some people kill cacti?).

But the real reason we’re talking about the ZZ today is because of its amazing ability to multiply. That’s right, the ZZ plant is like the Mr. Potato Head of the plant world – it can grow new babies all by itself!

How Does the ZZ Plant Multiply?

There are two main ways that the ZZ plant can multiply: rhizome division and stem cutting.

Rhizome Division

The first way the ZZ plant multiplies is by producing rhizomes, which are underground stems that can grow into new plants. Basically, the plant is sending out little clones of itself to take over the world (or at least your windowsill). 

To do this, all you have to do is gently dig up the plant and divide the rhizomes into separate pieces, making sure each piece has a little bit of root and a bit of stem. Then, just plant each piece in its own pot with fresh soil, water it, and wait for it to grow. Easy peasy!

Stem Cutting

The second way the ZZ plant multiplies is by stem cuttings. This is when you take a piece of stem with a few leaves and stick it in water (or soil, if you’re feeling adventurous). 

Over time, roots will grow from the stem and new leaves will sprout, creating a whole new plant. It’s like magic, but with a little bit of science thrown in!

How Often Can You Multiply Your ZZ Plant?

There’s no set timeline for multiplying your ZZ plant, but generally, you can divide the rhizomes every 2-3 years or take stem cuttings whenever you want. 

The great thing about the ZZ plant is that it’s super low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about it getting upset if you divide it too often. In fact, dividing the plant can actually help it grow stronger and fuller!

Table of Pros and Cons of Multiplying Your ZZ Plant

Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons of multiplying your ZZ plant:

More plants! Who doesn’t love that?Can be a bit time-consuming if you have a lot of plants to divide.
Can help the plant grow stronger and fuller.It’s not a guarantee that every stem cutting or rhizome piece will grow into a healthy plant.
Can be a fun project to do with your kids (or by yourself, we won’t judge).You’ll have to find places to put all the new plants you create.

Wrapping UP!!

So yeah, the ZZ plant is not only a hardy little green friend that can help you catch some Zs, but it’s also a gift that keeps on giving. 

Just be prepared for the new plants you create, because before you know it, you’ll be the proud parent of a whole ZZ plant family!

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